8 June 2022 Monthly Membership Meeting

Our monthly membership meeting will be held 08 June 2022 @ 1600.

Membership meeting discussions will include:

Latest negotiations:

  • Update on ODE (Off Duty Employment) Policy Counter Proposal.
  • Outlying clinic shift changes.
  • Town Hall meeting for realignment from MTF to DHA (7 & 9 June 2022).

AFGE National Convention: we will share with you what we know about AFGE’s 42d National Convention coming up in June.
Employee Tips:

  • What to do when you receive a new notification for changes in your work environment from the union.
  • How to request reasonable accommodations.
  • Off Duty Employment standards.

Meeting Minutes: All of our membership meetings include minutes. If you care to stop by the Union office and catch up on the latest, just send us an email to make an appointment.

Meeting Availability: We usually don’t start the meetings right at 1600 to give folks the opportunity to join us. And, for those of you who cannot join us in person or on FB Live, you can watch the video at your convenience. We encourage asking questions. You can do so without posting in the group if you’re shy. Please PM/DM either Matthew or me and we will post the answer without identifying who asked. This is your Union, your Local and your FB group so feel free to ask or share whatever is on your mind, including any constructive feedback.

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