AFGE Membership Benefits

Members of AFGE are entitled to a variety of benefits including job security, the right to bargain collectively over wages, benefits and working conditions, legal representation when needed, and access to education and training programs.

In addition to these benefits, the AFGE also offers its members a variety of discounts on services such as insurance, travel, and retail purchases. Members can also qualify for scholarships and other financial assistance programs. 

The AFGE also advocates for the rights and protection of federal employees through lobbying efforts aimed at ensuring fair treatment for workers, strong collective bargaining agreements, and adequate funding for government agencies. Membership in the AFGE provides valuable support and benefits to federal employees at all levels.

Visit the page to see what benefits you may find interesting.

Additional Benefits

Our local partners with Benefit Architects to provide our members with more affordable options for insurance. 
Mr. Danny Gonzales is our point-of-contact for benefits counseling.

Visit their enrollment guide for more information.

Danny Gonzales
(210) 316-8410

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