11 May 2022 @ 1600 Monthly Membership Meeting

Our monthly membership meeting will be held 11 May 2022 @ 1600.

  • Latest negotiations: Matthew will update you on how negotiations are going regarding reentry to the workplace from teleworking.
  • Training vote: A vote will be held to permit our union stewards to attend a training coming up. This training has already been budgeted but a membership vote will be held to allow the funds to be released. All details will be discussed during the meeting before voting.
  • Convention: we will share with you what we know about AFGE’s 42d National Convention coming up in June.
  • Probationary status: we will discuss what it means to be a probationary employee, how to avoid termination, how to find when your probationary period ends, and how your rights change once the period has ended. As you know, under the last NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) the probationary period will change from two years back to one year. However, this change does not go into effect until 2023. So, everyone hired up until then is still on probation for two years.
  • Notifications: when you receive notification from us that management is proposing a change in your workplace, please respond to the email promptly. Your ideas, observations, and rationale for how the change will affect the workplace are invaluable because you have a vested interest in improving the work area. AND, please don’t include your supervisors in the email. We have that happen occasionally. Of course, your supervisor will probably disagree with your assessment.

We usually don’t start the meetings right at 1600 to give folks the opportunity to join us. And, for those of you who cannot join us on FB Live, you can watch the video at your convenience. We encourage asking questions. You can do so without posting in the group if you’re shy. Please PM either Matthew or me and we will post the answer without identifying who asked. This is your Union, your Local and your FB group so feel free to ask or share whatever is on your mind, including any constructive feedback.

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