District 10 Caucus / Election Committee / Delegates Election

AFGE 1033 Members,
As announced in the January newsletter and January membership meeting…
Our Union is part of a nation wide Union divided among districts. Texas is part of District 10. AFGE District 10 is hosting a caucus in May where leaders will campaign for a district position. The District Caucus is where the District National Vice President (NVP), National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinators (FPAAC) and National Women’s Advisory Coordinators (NWAC) are elected.
Our local will be sending our president and elected delegates to carry the vote of our local.
This is a reminder that February 1st will be our deadline for caucus delegate nominees and appointment for election committee. If you are interested in being a delegate nominee or an election committee member please email us before February 1st. Nominees and committee appointments will be announced via zoom and posted on our website and Facebook page.
The delegate election will run from February 7th to February 8th, from 0600-1600 each day. Our vote collection will take place in person, located in our Union building with a ballot box. You may drop by off shift, during break, or vote through a proxy. All ballots will be counted on February 8th at 1600. The result of the delegate election will be announced during our regular membership meeting on February 8th.

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