2024 Local Elections – Committee

Membership Meeting Notice

8 November 2023

2024 – AFGE 1033 Elections

AFGE Local 1033 will be conducting elections in February 2024. We will need to establish an election committee of at least three members.  An odd number of members will be selected for the committee.  All members in good standing with the local are eligible. 


If you are interested in joining the election committee, please send an email to:





Positions open for election:

The positions open for election will be: Local President, Executive Vice President, Chief Steward, Local Secretary-Treasurer.


2024 Election Committee Agenda


11 October 2023

Initial announcement of 2024 Local Election &

Solicitation for Election Committee Nominations

(Membership Meeting and social media posting)

8 November 2023

Election Committee Nominee Opening Announcement.

Officer Positions open for nomination and election announcement.

(Membership Meeting, email, website posting, and social media posting)

29 November 2023

Deadline for Election Committee Nominations &

Selection of committee members

(Special Meeting)

13 December 2023Election Committee Nominees Selection Announcement (Membership Meeting with postings)
10 January 2024

Deadline for Officer Position Nominations & Nominee Announcements

(Membership Meeting with postings)

8 February 2024

Local Election Day & Final Tally

(Result announced at Monthly Membership Meeting)

AFGE National Constitution Excerpt

Appendix A: AFGE Rules of Conduct for an Election SEC . 2. ELECTION C OMMITTEES

SEC . 2(a). An Election Committee shall be constituted to conduct each election. The Committee shall consist of not less than three members, and if a larger Committee is required, it shall contain an odd number of members. Its members shall be selected, and it shall meet a reasonable time before the commencement of the nomination procedure. SEC . 2(b). No member of the Committee may be an incumbent of or candidate for the office for which the election is being conducted.

Local 1033 Bylaws governing positions and Elections:

Section 3.  Special Meetings Special meetings may be called by the President, two-thirds vote of the Executive Board or upon written petition of at least ten percent of the membership.  Five days’ written notice of the specific purpose of the meeting must be given to the membership.  No business other than that specified in the notice will be discussed.

Section 4.  Vote Eligibility Only members of the local in good standing shall be allowed to vote.

Section 9.  Executive Board The general officers of this local who comprise the Executive Board are as follows: (a)    President (b)   Treasurer-Secretary (c)    Executive Vice President (d)   Chief Steward (e)    Sergeant-at-Arms / Senior Steward For officers other than President, Treasurer or Secretary (whose duties are prescribed by the standard local constitution, Article VI), if the local decides to establish other offices, its bylaws should reflect the duties to be performed by each, none of which should conflict with the duties prescribed in Article VI.

Section 10.  President’s Assistant The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of the duties of that office.  See standard local constitution, Article VI, Sections 3, 4.

Section 11.  Vacancy of President In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Executive Vice President shall fill the office for the unexpired term.  See standard local constitution, Article VII, Section 4.

Section 12.  Sergeant-at-Arms A Sergeant-at-Arms, also known as the Senior Steward, shall be appointed by the President.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall ensure that no one enters the meetings without proper authority; assist the presiding officer in the maintenance of order; welcome and introduce guests; see that each member’s presence is recorded in a log; provide a roll to call should the recording of individual votes be necessary, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the presiding officer.

Section 13.  Chief Steward A Chief Steward shall be elected by vote of the local’s membership.  The role of the chief steward shall serve as an essential component of the checks and balances system for the fiduciary responsibilities held by the treasurer and president. The chief steward shall possess the authority to act as a third signer or approver for all financial actions if the current treasurer is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable.  The chief steward, in their capacity as a third signer or approver, ensures transparency and accountability in the financial operations of the local.  Their involvement is intended to help maintain the integrity of financial decisions and safeguards against any potential conflicts of interest. The chief steward’s capability to fulfill this role requires a strong understanding of financial procedures and a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards.  Therefore, the chief steward shall receive fiduciary training to ensure efficient and compliant financial practices.

Section 14.  Nominations of Officers Nominations of officers shall be held in February and elections and installation shall be held in March after proper notice to local members.  A quorum is not required for nominations and/or elections.  See AFGE National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 3.  Candidates shall not run for more than one office in the same election; however, candidacy as a delegate shall not be considered to be covered by this provision.  A runoff election, if necessary, shall be held as soon as possible at the same meeting or by mail ballot or secure and electronic option(s).

Section 15.  Election Committee An Election Committee shall be constituted at a meeting preceding the start of the nomination procedure.  See AFGE National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 2.

Section 16.  Oath of Union Officers All officers will be administered the “Oath of Union Officers” contained in the AFGE National Constitution upon their installation in office.  Officers shall serve for 3-year terms, beginning in 2000 (year).  (Note: Terms shall not exceed three years from installation.)

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  1. 12/20/2023
    Officer Nominations for President, Vice-President, Chief Steward, Secretary/Treasurer are due 01/10/2024. Nominations may be made in person at the 1/10/24 Union Meeting. We are also accepting mail in nominations, starting 12/20/2023 through 01/03/2024 (MUST BE POST MARKED BY 1/3/24). Write your nomination on a sheet of paper (no other marking ie. name, etc). Mail, make sure your name and address are legible (this will be used to verify eligibility to participate). You may walk the envelope to the Union Office, BLDG 3669, there must be at least two (2) officers/stewards present to accept your nomination. You may mail your nomination to:
    2766 HARNEY PATH PMB 103

    Please contact William Armstrong, billafge1033@gmail.com, if you have questions.

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