How to Join AFGE

A Brief Introduction to


What is AFGE E-Dues?

AFGE E-Dues is an alternative dues collection system built and operated by your union. AFGE E-Dues gives you control of your own resources instead of leaving them to the whims of anti-union lawmakers and agency heads. With the threat of losing automatic dues deduction the highest it’s ever been, the time to join E­ Dues is now.

How does AFGE E-Dues work?

The goal in developing E-Dues was to make it as similar to automatic payroll deduction as possible and integrate it seamlessly with Mylocal.

Here’s How It Works:

When a local joins E-Dues, a custom recruitment form will be added to . Existing members and new members can access this form on any device – phone, tablet, computer – and sign up using a credit card, debit card,  or bank draft . Signing up takes just minutes..

How do I get started?

Log into

Select agency  “Army”

Select local  “1033”

Select Continue, fill out form

After you have signed up for E-Dues, fill out an 1188 and send to send encrypted. We will sign and turn in to payroll to stop the dues collection. This may take several pay periods, keep track and we will reimburse you. We are recommending that current members switch to E-Dues. Email me if there are any questions

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